Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Project

After flashing a few LEDs and reading a few buttons with my new MSP430 I decided to start work on a simple calculator. For output I am using eight LEDs to show the numbers in binary. To do this I am using a 595 shift register. Since I am using an MSP430G2533 I would have enough pins to light the LEDs without it but I wanted to practice using shift registers and be sure I would have enough current. For input I am using a 165 shift register. This will give me room for eight buttons. I have always been a fan of Hewlett-Packard's line of RPN calculators so I decided to use this notation for my calculator too. The eight functions I decided on are 1, 0, dupe, swap, push, pop, +, and -. Programming these simple functions was not difficult. After I saw that everything worked fine on a breadboard running from a coin cell battery, I started soldering it onto a piece of protoboard. This will be good practice since I have never soldered anything before. So far only the LEDs have been soldered but I hope to finish the rest soon. Here you can see the protoboard and the breadboard with the parts of the circuit that haven't been canabalized yet.

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