Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Soldering Practice

There don't seem to be any local shops that sell good soldering iron tips here. Luckily, though,  I was able to buy a few good ones in another city. I was a bit skeptical when the best tips they had only cost a little over a dollar but I brought them home and they work great! I also bought some good 61/39 solder. Using this instead of the cheap 30/70 solder available locally probably helps a lot too. Later I'll see if any of the cheap tips I have work alright with good solder. I don't think I'll risk using cheap solder with the new tip.

With the protoboard I was using to make the LED Binary Calculator I practiced some more with old soviet chips. Interestingly enough they all have different markings. It was easy to make good solder joints very quickly with my new setup.

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