Thursday, December 24, 2015

RPN Scientific Calculator on Hackaday

In August my RPN Scientific Calculator was featured on Hackaday in Hacklet 70 - Calculator Projects. It was really great to see my project on Hackaday! There was also a small scientific calculator running a 6502 emulator, a KIM-1 replica with a calculator form factor, and a project called CalcHack that adds functionality to TI graphing calculators. CalcHack is an awesome idea and one thing it adds is a 2.4GHz radio. One of my ideas for Makevention was adding an ESP8266 to the inside of a TI-86, but this solution is much better! Hackaday also created a page for calculator projects where I added my RPN Scientific Calculator, Improved RPN Scientific Calculator, and 6502 Graphing Calculator.

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